Captain Blimey

Captain Blimey is an Pirate themed Augmented Reality based "treasure hunt" game. In this game, players can discover and claim virtual treasure hunt while interacting and playing with counterparts from the real world. In addition to open public hunts, the game also provides players the opportunity to create their own treasure hunts which can be organized and run by groups such as corporations, friends or family. The game also lets users toggle between the Map and Augmented Reality mode helping them navigate through the game and collect virtual objects. While in the Augmented Reality mode, in order to grab a treasure chest players must be within 10 meters of it.

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Captain Blimey is an Pirate themed Augmented Reality


Chess is an awesome online Chess game that can be played on a wide range of environment and includes a multiplayer chess experience. All you need to do is to connect to a lobby where you have the opportunity to advertise and also have a chance to play with other online players on a live network. Some of the salient features include leader boards, Games that are rated and unrated, custom time increments and many more. It gives you a lively game experience where you can chat, abort, draw, take back, adjourn etc. It also has the ability to look at games that are online and also can play offline games by post.

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All the games, both small and big are absolutely free in Lab links. Lab links is a wonderful puzzle game that is fun, challenging and more importantly rewarding. The player is usually an apprentice to a cranky scientist where you need to fix all his machines that are either weird or wonderful. It is equivalent to the classical puzzle games where you will be a time racer taking care of pesky rats and work around untimely obstacles. You might even have to save the earth sometimes.

wonderful puzzle game


WordHaste is an online game you play against other players on the web. You will have to work with similar set of tiles where players create vertical and horizontal words on their dashboard set with a timer. The one who achieves the most number of points in 3 minutes is the winner of a particular round.

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